The Advert King

Old TV adverts and songs in the style of Elvis.

Whilst there are many Elvis inpersonators, I thought it would be fun to sing some old classic Tv adverts in that style as well as some song cover versions. Here's a selection from the Youtube channel and more will be added as time permits.

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As will become apparent all of The Advert king video clips are performed live in one 'take' with very little or no rehearsal with (at the moment) just a phone, a table and chair, my Gretsch guitar, an old Zoom effects/drum unit and an amp.

The Bodyform advert Elvis style

The 1970's Chrysler Sunbeam advert Elvis style

Cover version of Billy Ocean's Redlight Spells Danger Elvis style

A cover version medley of '4 chord' songs Elvis style (kind of) namely:

Neil Young- Heart of Gold, Embrace- Nature's Law, Bruce Springsteen- The River and Dido- Thank you.

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